Selectors API Test Suite in IE 8

Last year I did some work on implementing a Selectors API Test Suite, which I’ve just updated to run in IE 8.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the suite here:

You can get the source here:

For right now I’m getting the following result:

  • WebKit Nightly 99.3% (16 failing – doesn’t support complex :not() expressions)
  • Firefox Nightly 99.3% (16 failing – doesn’t handle ‘undefined’ being passed in, correctly)
  • IE 8 RC 1 45.9% (1171 failing – Major problem areas are lack of whitespace trimming, incorrect exceptions being thrown, and lack of full CSS 3 selector support)
  • Opera 10a1 99.0% (22 failing – Empty string checking in attributes fails and some disconnected checkbox checks fail)

I’ve also written about the improvements that querySelectorAll is bringing to web developers, along with some of the hardships associated with it.

Posted: February 12th, 2009

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