Implementing a Selectors API Test Suite

This week I’ve been busy working on implementing a test suite for the Selectors API specification. I picked up a new microphone recently so I decided to do a quick walkthrough of the work that I’ve been doing and how I’ve been going about it. You can view the the video below:

Implementing a Selectors API Test Suite

You can run the test suite for yourself here (it’s still very much in flux – there are various parts that may still be wrong):

Here’s a quick break down of a test run that was done earlier:
– Special Firefox 3.1 Build (73.8% – More details)
– Safari 3.1 (49.3% – No Fragment or Namespace support)
– WebKit Nightly (51% – No Fragment or Namespace support)
– Opera Gogi – “ACID3 Build” (76.7% – No Fragment support)
– IE 8 (Can’t run – the file is proper XHTML so it tries to download it.)
– Firefox 3, Opera 9.5, IE 7 (0%)

The work that is being done to implement the specification in Firefox can be seen on its associated Bugzilla bug. I’m shooting very hard to make sure that everything is in place so that this makes it in to the upcoming Firefox 3.1 release (the first alpha of which is due out in a couple weeks). The benefits that this will have for both JavaScript libraries and their users will be tremendous.

Posted: July 10th, 2008

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