John Resig is best known as an expert in the JavaScript programming language and the creator of the most popular JavaScript library in the world: jQuery. He’s created numerous JavaScript projects that continue to be integral parts of modern day web development. He’s also the author of the popular JavaScript books: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Pro JavaScript Techniques, and The GraphQL Guide.

John is the Chief Software Architect at Khan Academy where he works to provide a free education to everyone, everywhere. He’s worked on many aspects of the product: math exercises, Computer Programming, mobile, accessibility, internationalization, build systems, and performance. He leads the Frontend Infrastructure team which supports web frontend and mobile development.

In his spare time John has combined his interest in art history with his programming skill to improve digital humanities study. He’s developed a two image databases that utilize Computer Vision techniques to aide researchers: Japanese woodblock print database and image search engine and PHAROS Images: Art history photo archive database. He’s a board member of the Japanese Art Society of America and is a Visiting Researcher at Ritsumeikan University.

John lives in the Hudson Valley of New York with his partner composer, librettist, and multimedia artist Nell Shaw Cohen.

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Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Secrets of the JS Ninja

Secret techniques of top JavaScript programmers. Published by Manning.

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