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I started working at Khan Academy in May 2011 and still happily work there today! I’ve worked on many different areas of the site including web frontend performance, build tools, internationalization (i18n), and accessibility (a11y). Right now I’m a Chief Architect leading the Frontend Infrastructure team working on our design system, build and deploy systems, server-side rendering, mobile applications, and many other features. What follows are some of the Open Source, or publicly-accessible, projects that I either created or was instrumental in its creation.

  • Khan Academy Computer Programming — Designed and built the platform for teaching Computer Science concepts. Includes an interactive, realtime, code editor, exercises, and projects.
  • Live Editor — The live code editor used by the Computer Programming curriculum. Responds in realtime to code input and works for JavaScript (using Processing.js), Web (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS), and SQL (using ASM.js-compiled SQLite). Also includes an experimental block-like coding environment designed for the iPad.
  • StructuredJS — Framework for analyzing JavaScript code to determine its structure and provide targeted feedback to learners. Used for both testing student code and providing hints on the best way to complete programming exercises.
  • Khan Exercise Framework — (Deprecated, used 2011-2016) The programmable framework used for building Math exercises for the Khan Academy site. Used by both staff and teachers to build exercises to be used by students.

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