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Stemming from my work on I began to get more involved with other digital humanities projects, largely working together with the Frick Art Reference Library in New York City. More information, including papers and talks, can be found in the Research section of the site.

  • Mongaku — Based on the PHAROS Images project, this application provides a unified interface for managing collections of images and searching them using an image similarity engine. Started in 2016, development is ongoing.
  • PHAROS Images (Code) — A database of art photos developed for the PHAROS art reference library consortium. Currently aggregating 100,000 images from 8 institutions this is a new resource for scholarly study and analysis of photographs of art. Developed 2015-2016 and released June 2016.
  • MatchEngine Tools — A collection of tools for uploading large sets of images to the MatchEngine service and downloading the image similarity matches in bulk for further analysis.
  • MatchEngine Data Analysis — A collection of tools for analyzing the visual connections between images that were discovered by the MatchEngine service (should be used together with the MatchEngine tools).
  • Visual Artwork Cluster — A tool for processing a collection of images looking for potential duplicates. Used by the Frick Art Reference Library in the digitization of their American Art photo archive.
  • Idyll — An application for crowd sourcing annotations on images. Useful for cropping photos to a particular region (used to help crop some images shown on

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