Computing with JavaScript Web Workers

Web Workers are, undoubtedly, the coolest new feature to arrive in the latest version of web browsers. Web Workers allow you to run JavaScript in parallel on a web page, without blocking the user interface. Normally in order to achieve any sort of computation using JavaScript you would need to break your jobs up into […]

Comment · Posted: July 21st, 2009

Easy Retweet Button

Ever since I saw the JavaScript API I’ve been wanting to build a simple script for tracking the number of people visiting a blog post from Twitter. This past weekend I built a little script for doing just that – and in a completely unobtrusive manner. The script itself is completely standalone (no dependencies) […]

Comment · Posted: July 9th, 2009

JavaScript Function Call Profiling

With jQuery 1.3.2 out the door I’ve been looking for more ways to profile and optimize jQuery. Previously I did a survey of jQuery-using sites to figure out which selectors they were using. This led to the construction of the new Sizzle Selector Engine which targeted those selectors for improvement. Additionally, I constructed a deep […]

Comment · Posted: February 23rd, 2009

FireUnit: JavaScript Unit Testing Extension

In my work with the Firebug team over the past couple months I’ve been working with Jan Odvarko on a way to provide some form of unit testing that we can build off of. The result of my work is a new Firefox/Firebug extension called FireUnit. FireUnit provides a simple JavaScript API for doing simple […]

Comment · Posted: December 18th, 2008

Ultra-Chaining with jQuery

We were having a discussion, the other day, on the jQuery-dev mailing list concerning style and jQuery code. There was some discussion about how it could be improved. One of the points discussed was concerning the use of callbacks and jQuery(this). Callbacks (passing in a function as the final argument to a jQuery method, to […]

Comment · Posted: October 14th, 2008

Degrading Script Tags

One thing has always annoyed me about the script tag. Script tags that reference external resources (via the src attribute) are no longer able to execute script embedded within the tag itself. It doesn’t make sense to me that we’re forced to write: <script src="some-lib.js"></script> <script> var foo = use_some_lib();; </script> when this is […]

Comment · Posted: August 26th, 2008

JavaScript Micro-Templating

I’ve had a little utility that I’ve been kicking around for some time now that I’ve found to be quite useful in my JavaScript application-building endeavors. It’s a super-simple templating function that is fast, caches quickly, and is easy to use. I have a couple tricks that I use to make it real fun to […]

Comment · Posted: July 16th, 2008

Implementing a Selectors API Test Suite

This week I’ve been busy working on implementing a test suite for the Selectors API specification. I picked up a new microphone recently so I decided to do a quick walkthrough of the work that I’ve been doing and how I’ve been going about it. You can view the the video below: Implementing a Selectors […]

Comment · Posted: July 10th, 2008

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