Project Updates

Even though I was terribly busy, I still managed to make a number of project updates this weekend. Most of the updates were just writing up some documentation and getting them out the door, but that’s something.

  • FOAF Layout – Did a possible FOAF layout for Bob Aman. I wanted a clean, concise, layout which downgraded nicely (and even had a little bit of Javascript flare).
  • Log Session Analyis – Analyzes Apache logs looking for all unique sessions that occur. Also grabs a bunch of other fun stuff (such as number of people reading RSS feeds.
  • Dom Snap – Make two DOM objects ‘snap’ to each other and move around together.
  • Finally wrote some documentation for three of my Perl Modules, and put them up on CPAN: Net::Netflix, Net::Amazon::DVD2IMDB, and Net::DVDProfiler. I hope to package up a couple other modules and get them out the door here soon.

Also, I’ve moved this site over to a new server (which is also hosting, amoungst other things). It’s terribly nice – hopefully the uptime will be much better then my old server.

Posted: March 20th, 2005

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