BarCampNYC Wrap-up

As I mentioned previously, I attended BarCampNYC this weekend and had a great time. I did two full presentations – both of which were quite successful.

Presentation 1: Hot Demo Session (11am, Sunday)
I started out with a quick overview of my company, Juniper Bay, what I do (programming, entrepreneur) and where I’m looking to go (have my own company running by the time I graduate).

I then did a quick overview and demo of ideaShrub: Real-time Idea Collaboration. The web site managed to die while I was doing the demo, so that kind of fell through (unfortunately). ideaShrub is still in a closed beta, and I am still actively developing on it. I’m planning on making a public release ‘soon’.

I then announced a brand new product: Feed Pile: Feed Sharing for Everyone. The premise for the site is very similar to SuprGlu, but is targeted more towards aggregating for your friends/clubs/family and sharing with them. It supports a bunch of neat features: No accounts, OPML, and Autodiscovery. It’s super-simple to use – give it a try!

Finally, I announced my second new release of the evening: jQuery: New Wave Javascript. In a nutshell, this code revolutionizes the way you can get Javascript to interact with HTML – it really is an amazing set of code, and I’ve dumped a lot of time and effort into getting it right. I’m working on the documentation for the site, right now – which should be ready within the next couple days.

Presentation 2: Subverting Social Networks (4:45pm, Sunday)
I gave this particular presentation with Eric Skiff – we were planning on giving similar presentations and decided to merge our efforts, to save time and effort. The reception to the talk seemed to be overwelmingly positive – and really opened the eyes of a lot of people.

Eric released the source code to his MySpace Friends Adder, so if you’re interested in checking out some of the code, head on over there.

Additionally, I’ve posted the slides that we used for the presentation. They may seem rather sparten – but that’s because we talked a lot more then we read. If you’re interested in the subject matter, feel free to comment or send us an email.

Some people have posted photos of this particular presentation to Flickr, here’s one and another.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the great people/companies that I got to know there: GlitchCast, SuprGlu, Simpy, Squidoo, Peter Nofelt, Good Experience, Bitty Browser, Joyent, Jolt, and HorsePigCow.

Update: A basic outline for the presentation can be found on the BarCamp Wiki.

Posted: January 16th, 2006

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