RIT Schedule Maker

Designed and implemented during the 2002 school year, the RIT Schedule Maker is designed to give students a powerful tool to utilize when planning for their upcoming quarter. The application has multiple features:

  • Schedule Display Takes in student courses and displays them in a nice, graphical, format which can be easily displayed, linked to, and printed.
  • Schedule Generation This feature allows students to permute all the possible schedules that were available to them from a set of provided courses.
  • Course Mirror Provides a mirror of all course data and information for students to utilize.
  • Map Generation Generated maps for students to use, as an aide, in getting to their classes.

The RIT Schedule Maker is currently hosted by the Computer Science House, located on the RIT campus. The site is actively used by a large portion of the campus with thousands of schedules generated every day.

Posted: January 8th, 2003

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