This site was created as a fun utility of sorts when an auto-updating listing of web sites on the rit.edu web server was located. (For anyone familiar with Apache, this particular feature is commonplace.) A nice aspect of hunting down pictures using this method is that pictures crop up that would normally be unavailable to web spiders – providing others with access to fun, and generally hidden, information. Essentially, the purpose of this program is to display fun pictures located in (typically) student accounts on the rit.edu domain. By browsing these images you get a wide variety of RIT flavor (anime, math, programming, more anime, etc.) – available in a slideshow format. Using the options available on the preferences page, one could easily make a custom screensaver for their computer, or even turn it into a simple drinking game of sorts (take a sip whenever you see an animated gif, a shot for a math formula, etc – the possibilities are endless).

Note: The online demo is currently offline.

Posted: January 9th, 2004

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