A Greasemonkey extension that adds tag auto-complete capabilities to the traditional posting areas. This is a powerful extension which can greatly increase your posting speed. I’ve spent some time playing around with it, thus far, and it’s been helping me out significantly.

The premise behind this extension is that it goes through your existing ‘Post’ page, takes the tag data from within the page and gives you auto-completion capabilites of it. This is how the current interfaces are supported:

  • The traditional posting interface (Screenshot) is fully supported. Additionally, the tags are also sorted by popularity.
  • The ‘experimental’ interface (Screenshot) is supported, but tag results are sorted alphabetically.
  • The popup posting interface is currently not supported as it does not contain any tag data.

It appears that another auto-complete hack was done a while back, but no longer exists. After doing some more digging around I was able to find an implementation of that specific piece of code. Upon inspection, however, it appears as if all tag data is hard-coded into the javascript (which is highly inefficient).


  • Tag Auto-Completion
  • Sorting by popularity (Traditional interface only).
  • Tags can be completed using the right arrow, tab, enter, or escape keys.
  • To view alternate tag suggestions, hit the ‘up’ or ‘down’ arrow.

Known Bugs

  • Will only complete the last tag being entered (not tags in the middle of the text area).
  • Sometimes if you type really fast it will complete the tag automatically.


  • Version 3 (2005-03-27): Any non-space character is valid in a tag.
  • Version 2 (2005-03-26): Is now capitalization agnostic. You can type in both upper and lower case and auto-complete words which are both upper and lower case.
  • Version 1 (2005-03-25): Initial release.


Posted: March 27th, 2005

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