Anonymous Proxy List

This application scrapes the excellent anonymous proxy list available at Proxy 4 Free (I use to use Stay Invisible), filters them, and renders them appropriately for most applications. For example, the SwitchProxy extension to Firefox plays nicely with this.

I’ve made a copy of the program available for all to use, to which the query string options are:

  • c = County – The country by which you want to filter the proxies by, defaults to ‘United States’.
  • t = Type – The type of proxies that you want, leave blank for all. Defaults to ‘anon’.

Updated 2005-02-10: Requests are now cached daily. I was afraid that too many requests might upset the server owners, whom provide such an excellent service.

Updated 2005-11-16: Stay Invisible removed their free proxy lists, so I’m now using a different service that seems comparable.



Posted: February 10th, 2005

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