Meet The People Behind jQuery

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to the people behind jQuery. Not enough has been said about who works for the project and what they do to help out. This fact, combined with a recent re-organization, makes for the perfect time to show you how jQuery works, behind the scenes.
jQuery is […]

Comment · Posted: December 18th, 2006

Helping you understand jQuery

Some recent articles have discussed the need for having “really good” tutorials for JavaScript libraries.
As always, we’re working to make the jQuery documentation better and more useful, so I want to pose the following question: What are some tutorials that would help you better use or learn jQuery? Make sure it’s something simple (like “Building […]

Comment · Posted: December 13th, 2006

jQuery 1.0.4

Another fantastic release of jQuery is ready for your consumption. This release includes a number of bug fixes (as usual) along with some much-needed improvements to jQuery’s Ajax functionality.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns with new release, please feel free to discuss it on the jQuery Mailing List. If you think you’ve […]

Comment · Posted: December 12th, 2006

jQuery v1.0.3 API docs on gotAPI.com

Rich Manalang, one of the regulars on the jQuery mailing list, took the initiative and with a little help has gotten the jQuery API posted up on gotAPI.com. If you haven’t been over to gotAPI, its a great online documentation resource that provides a comprehensive API listing for most popular programming languages and frameworks. Great […]

Comment · Posted: December 12th, 2006

jQuery Presentation in Phoenix on 11/28

Joshua Eichorn will be giving a talk about jQuery at the Pheonix azPHP user group tonight. You can get more details here:
jQuery at AZPhp

Comment · Posted: November 28th, 2006

Expandable Sidebar Menu Screencast

This is the first (of hopefully many) screencasts that will provide a quick tutorial to a simple demo of jQuery in action. I plan on doing at least 2-3 more based upon the talks that I’ve given lately – hopefully I can trickle those out over the next week(s) or so. (Oh, and sorry if […]

Comment · Posted: November 14th, 2006

jQuery Button Contest Winners

The votes are in! Here are the winners of the jQuery Button Contest:
The Winners

First Place Prize (93 votes): Two Books – Ajax Design Patterns and John Resig’s upcoming Pro JavaScript Techniques
Ned Collyer, Australia: HTML: (Copy this into your web site to use this button)
Second Place Prize (83 votes): One Book – Foundations of Ajax
Cyril […]

Comment · Posted: November 7th, 2006

Vote for the jQuery Button

Voting is now closed! Thanks, everyone, for your input! The results can be found here: jQuery Button Contest Winners.
The next round of the jQuery Button Contest is upon us! After some careful deliberation, the judges have narrowed the playing field of 123 jQuery button submissions down to just 30. We were completely overwhelmed with both […]

Comment · Posted: November 6th, 2006

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