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This past Monday I was contacted by the creators of of the EVDO Coverage Google Map Hack (mentioned on Slashdot) to do a Google Map hack for them. We fast-tracked all this week and just launched the alpha this morning.

The web site is called Zazzah Courier Exchange. The service is trying to match businesses who have courier needs with people who are already travelling. I used some Google Maps hacks to pull this all together. Be aware, this whole service is still very rough around the edges – we’re hoping to release a Beta in the upcoming weeks. Below is the press release, for those interested.

Cheap Ticket Hunters and Rush Shipping Addicts Team Up at

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Inspired by his school age days as a globetrotting, free airfare hoarding international courier, Robert Kim created . Until today, you were at the mercy of shipping companies’ pricing and scheduling if you need to move a package. If you want to travel at a discounted price, you were relegated to cattle herd seating or redeye standby. marks the end of both of these issues. is the first and only website that allows Travelers and Shippers to openly meet and make shipping deals with each other. basically democratizes the process of package shipping and delivery. Taking advantage of the fact that Travelers are always looking for a great flight deal and Shippers always need to get “it” there yesterday, is the new internet logistics cupid.

As a Traveler, you can go to and quickly enter your points of origin and destination with corresponding times. If there are multiple legs of your journey, you simply keep adding legs. Each origin and destination entry creates a line that starts with an airplane icon and ends at your destination.

If while adding your points, you see a ribbon tied package icon that matches your itinerary, simply click on the package icon and see who is shipping what. Double clicking on the package icon reveals the desperate shipper’s email address. So, you can immediately start negotiating what its worth to carry the package for that Shipper.

If you don’t already have a trip planned, you can simply check to see how high a Shipper is bidding to get a package from point a to point b. If you are located at point a and have an interest in visiting point b, simply contact the Shipper and make the deal. Robert Kim with remembers personally hand carrying an official document from NYC to Mexico City with a plane ticket that was totally paid for by the Shipper. The last minute plane ticket was $1800.

If you are a Shipper urgently needing to ship your letter or parcel immediately, simply check for Travelers going your way. You’ll find them at the airplane icons. If you don’t see an airplane icon that matches your shipping needs, simply enter your shipping itinerary and solicit footloose wanderlusting Travelers to do your bidding.

Actually, you’ll be doing the bidding. A max dollar amount you are willing to pay to move your parcel is required. But don’t worry, there are likely to be many willing Travelers who will compete for your business. recommends several security measures for smart earth surfing. If you are uncomfortable publishing your email address, simply get a new or gmail email address. Shippers are requested to leave their packages open and unsealed for the willing Traveler to inspect. Travelers who have eBay id’s can use this as a credibility reference. Shippers are advised to take photo copies of the Traveler’s driver’s license and thumbprint.
Shippers are encouraged to ONLY pick up packages from corporate office lobbies with accompanying official Purchase Orders. Like any public bulletin board or newspaper personals section, discretion and prudence will ensure the highest potential win-win-fun factor. was invented and created by specializes in web applications development. Their Team of engineers and programmers include Cisco, Dot Net, Design Experts and Brilliant Geniuses at RIT. They invite you to “Crush Your Cubicle(SM)” by creating the web application of your dreams … for More Information, Contact Robert Kim at 310 862 4250

Posted: August 5th, 2005

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