Wanted: Javascript/Design Guru

I’m looking for a Javascript/Design Guru to help get some applications off the ground.

If you can look at Prototype (http://prototype.conio.net/) and say “That’s cool, but I can do better!”, or you can scoff at the designs on Stylegala (http://stylegala.com/) and CSS Vault (http://cssvault.com/) – then this job is for you!

Knowledge of the following is a must:
– Advanced Object Oriented Javascript
– Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML)
– Advanced, Modern, Design Capabilities
– Advanced CSS

Big Plus:
– Adobe Illustrator
– Knowledge of Microformats
– Knowldge of Social Networks

If you are primarily Javascript OR Design-Oriented – let me know, as I may still have some work for you.

This job will be on a part-time/contract basis – most likely telecommuting. Pay will determined by your skill level and previous experience.

Apply for this Job Here OR email me.

Posted: August 8th, 2005

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