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I’ve updated the web site to use WordPress and essentially duplicate the functionality of the old site (with some nice new features). In order to do this, I looked to a couple, handy, plugins:

  • WP-Tags – As a warning, there’s a couple modules with this name, this particular one happens to work the best. You can easily apply tags to any post or page in WordPress and display relevant tag information on the sidebar of your site.
  • Touched – This plugin provides in-line post editing capabilites, using Ajax. I’m going to tweak it some to fit my needs, but it’s an excellent start.

The rest of the modifications that I made are (currently) pretty hackish. For example, in WordPress, you can only browse by category (or date, or tag) for the whole web log, not for just a particular category. I had to go through and modify all the functions to display current post information based upon the active category, instead of globally. Additionally, I wanted tags to be much more useful then they currently were – in the RSS feeds for the web site, for example, I provide multiple categories (one for each tag) – I had to modify the code to handle that. If anyone is interested in the changes that I made, and using it for their web log, let me know and I’ll see what I can provide.

I’m still in the process of synchronizing my links with my links page, but that’s not entirely urgent.

Update: By the way, the design is still very rough – I’m just running off of a template that I found – it’ll soon be something much better, I hope.

Posted: April 4th, 2005

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