Time for an update

Oh dear, I seem to have fallen behind in my updates, so here goes: Database Concepts has finished up, in which I received an ‘A’ grade, while Data Comm is still plugging along. I’ve handed in the first two portions of the project, and the third one is due this weekend. For that class, I’m also doing research into ‘Network Security Testing’, which should be interesting. I gave a presentation two weeks ago on Ethernet (by myself, because my partner dropped the class) which, I think, turned out well.

I’m working again on the Calendar program! I’ve started learning Object-Oriented Perl, which has been most enjoyable. Yesterday, I purchased ‘Object-Oriented Perl’ By Damian Conway, the definitive book on the subject. Also, I purchased the O’Reilly ‘Advanced Perl Programming’, both will arrive in the next couple days, which will make for a good read. With the Calendar program, I’m converting all the most critical information into objects (Dates, Events, Calendars, Users) that way I will be able to perform really cool features that I wasn’t able to before (plus, improving the overall performance of the program). How cool is it to apply sort {$a <=> $b} @events to an array of events, and have them sorted by date? or do $date += 7 to a date and get next week? Anyway, I’m really excited at the progress that’s been made.

This past week I had a meeting planned with Jim Fisher (Assistant VP of RIT) and Laura O’Donnel (Director of FAST), but it got delayed until August 5th, which I will be looking forward to. They are very much interested in hearing my ideas for RIT, which is always good. Additionally, I met with a member of the data mining group two weeks ago and discussed some of their projects, of which I am very much interested. I’ll be e-mailing them my resume and cover letter ASAP, hoping for a Fall position.

I’ve turned in the paperwork to make Juniper Bay an official Limited Liability Corporation, so now it’s only a matter of time. Once that paperwork completes, I’m going to purchase a P.O. Box and a Business Checking Account so that all of my work is completely seperate from anything I do here at RIT. My printer has been delivered to my home, so I’ll have to pick it up here soon. Also, the logo that Huntz has been designing is complete, I hope to have some samples up here soon to show everyone, he did a very nice job, I’m quite pleased.

That seems to be all for now, I need to finish up my Data Comm project, then do some more work on the Swept Away Farm web site.

Posted: July 18th, 2003

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