Tempo Redesign

Today I decided that this release of the calendar program was going to focus on design and layout (primarily) and then adding newfunctionality. There will still be some nice new features: Calendar Colors, Private Calendars, Searchable Events, and hopefully Repeating Events – but the news of the moment is the new layout. It came to me in a moment of inspiration (don’t take it as final, yet – it is still quite buggy in some browsers as it uses almost all style sheets to create the design. I will have all the kinks worked out by this weekend for the release.

Today I re-faxed the form to network solutions – as it turns out I somehow managed to forget to include a photocopy of my driver’s license – costing me another $2.50. *sigh*

Today I talked with Huntz for the first time. But it was all business. I’m contracting him to design a nice logo and some stationary for me to use with my new company – let’s just hope that the name registration goes smoothly at the state (and that my domain is eventually returned to me). That is all for now – tomorrow will be a day filled with work.

Posted: June 11th, 2003

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