Talks at the 2009 jQuery Conference

This past weekend was the 2009 jQuery Conference here in Boston. It was an incredible event – 300 people attended and a ton of discussion, collaboration, and learning happened.

Nearly the entire jQuery project team had the opportunity to meet for two days prior to the conference and hash a number of things out – figuring out most of the planning for the upcoming year. The core dev team also had the opportunity to meet and work for two days just after the conference. We’re much closer to shipping 1.3.3 now (which is likely to become 1.4, with all the new features that’re being added).

(Left to Right: Mike Hostetler (Infrastructure), John Resig (Core), Paul Bakaus (UI), Brandon Aaron (Core), Richard D. Worth (UI), and Scott Jehl (UI and Design team)

A full list of the presentations that were given can be found on the events site. All the presentations that I gave can be found below.

Recent Changes to jQuery’s Internals

A run-down of all the features and internal changes made in 1.3, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, and 1.3.3/1.4.

Understanding JavaScript Testing

A broad overview of all the different testing solutions that exist for JavaScript and where they might best fit into your full testing solution.

State of jQuery ’09

A quick overview of the past year of jQuery and a look towards the upcoming year.

Posted: September 16th, 2009

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