SXSW 2008 Voting

It’s that time of year again – voting for the 2008 SXSW Interactive panels has opened up. This year I played it smart and actually got my panel submissions in on time. I’ve got two new talks planned, so if you’re interested in seeing me present (or are interested in reading the slides, and hearing the audio, if you can’t make it) please feel free to vote up my two talks:

Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

This talk will delve into the secret techniques used by JavaScript library authors to create comprehensive libraries that work seamlessly across browser environments. We’ll look at fixes for strange browser quirks, tricks for gaining speed, and tips for writing smooth animations. Everything discussed will be backed up with publicly available, rock-solid, code.

This will be a panel and I’m hoping to bring along some other devs from Prototype and Dojo (depending on who’s planning on attending).

The Future of JavaScript, Today

This talk is going to take you through the new JavaScript features that browsers are introducing and show you how you can begin using them in your applications, today. We’ll look at how you can use the new features of JavaScript 2 to create robust, deployable, code — and even how to bring JavaScript out of the browser and onto the server.

Also, be sure to check out the many Mozilla talks that are being proposed.

Looking through the presentation list it seems as if people didn’t really learn anything from last year’s conference. You have to remember that this is 7 months away at this point. That’s like, what, 3 Internet years?

So to all 11 of you who proposed iPhone-related talks – don’t be surprised if your talk isn’t nearly as interesting come March of next year.

Posted: August 20th, 2007

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