Summer Speaking

My summer/fall speaking schedule is starting to solidify – with some major intensity occurring around May. Let me know if you’re going to be at, or around, any of these events – I’d love to meet up.

May 17-18 – BarCamp – Boston

Don’t have an exact topic chosen yet, possibly something on jQuery.

May 20 – MeshU Conference – Toronto

I’ll be speaking on building interactive prototype using jQuery. More details…

May 23-24 – DrupalCamp – Toronto

The exact topic isn’t clear yet, but probably something having to do with jQuery and Drupal.

May 27 – Kings of Code – Netherlands

I’ll be speaking on the features of modern JavaScript libraries. More details…

May 29-30 – @Media – London

I’ll be speaking on the features of modern JavaScript libraries. More details…

June 5 – Boston PHP – Boston

I’ll be speaking on developing applications using jQuery. More details…

June 12 – Refresh Boston – Boston

I’ll be speaking on using jQuery to develop interactive prototypes.

July 22 – OSCON – Portland

I’ll be doing a 3.5 hour tutorial session on the Secrets of JavaScript Libraries (covering much of the content which will be presented in my upcoming book). More details…

October – Ajax Experience – Boston

I’ll be giving three sessions: two on jQuery (beginning and advanced) and one on modern JavaScript libraries.

Posted: April 16th, 2008

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