Spring 2010 jQuery Talks

I gave a number of talks this spring on jQuery and especially on some of the recent additions made in jQuery 1.4. Below are all the slides and demos that I’ve given.

The conferences / meetups that I spoke at (or will speak at, in the case of MIX), and the talks that I gave, are as follows:

  • Webstock (Wellington, NZ) (Introduction to jQuery Workshop, Things You Might Not Know About jQuery)
  • Future of Web Apps (Miami, FL) (Introduction to jQuery Workshop, Improve Your Web App with jQuery)
  • jQuery Boston Meetup (Boston, MA) (Things You Might Not Know About jQuery)
  • MIX (Las Vegas, NV) (Improve Your Web App with jQuery)

Introduction to jQuery Workshop

This workshop starts with an introduction to the fundamentals of jQuery (1 hour) and continues on with two pieces of hands-on coding (Todo list, 30 min, Social Networking Site, 1.5 hours).

Introduction to jQuery
Source Code

In the workshop I also had two pieces of hands-on coding. The first was an ajax-y todo list the second was converting a functional social networking site into a one page application (making significant use of jQuery UI).

jQuery Todo List
Source Code Reset Demo Edit Demo

jQuery Social Network
Source Code Reset Demo Edit Demo

Things You Might Not Know About jQuery

A variety of things that people don’t know about in jQuery – including new things added in jQuery 1.4 (and newer), data bindings, custom events, and special events.

Things You Might Not Know About jQuery
Source Code

For the first jQuery Boston Meetup I built a game using the avatars of everyone in attendance. Sort of a space shooter style game you need to kick and kill the advancing hordes of users. I used this game as a way of demonstrating constructing an application that makes use of custom events, data binding, and building applications in an event-centric manner.

jQuery Meetup Game
Source Code

Improve Your Web App with jQuery

A different restructuring of the previous talk that emphasizes a more holistic approach to improving your web applications with jQuery

Improve Your Web App with jQuery
Source Code

I’ve been messing around with a new piece of presentation software that I wrote for these talks. It’s still terribly crude and buggy (pretty much just got it working enough in order to run my talks in Firefox 3.6 and Chrome) – you’ve been warned. I hope to refine it at some point and release it for general consumption.

Posted: March 4th, 2010

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