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I’m currently in Tokyo, getting ready to give a couple presentations on JavaScript 2/ECMAScript 4/ActionScript 4. It should be a lot of fun – this will probably be the first time that a lot of people hear about these language changes so I’m interested in getting some feedback. (I’ll be posting my “Future of JavaScript” slides from last week’s Ajax Experience conference, shortly.)

Specifically, I’ll be speaking at the following two events:

Adobe MAX Japan 2007
Adobe Max Japan

I’m going to be giving a talk on Tamarin and ECMAScript 4 (which will be the next version of ActionScript). You can spot me on the speaker list as well.

The Adobe community is just as interested in seeing the progression of the ECMAScript language as JavaScript developers are (as they are, now, inherently bound going forward). I’ll be curious to hear what sort of questions or concerns arise, especially considering that they’ve had ActionScript 3 (which is, sort of, halfway between ES 3 and 4) to play with for for quite some time now.

This will be another talk (presented, primarily, to the Shibuya.JS user group – in conjunction with Mozilla Japan). You can see Shibuya.JS’ thoughts on the talk here. This event has already sold out – but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone who’s coming!

As a side note: Shibuya.JS is the only JavaScript user group that I know about – really anywhere in the world. Looking through some of their lightning talks just goes to show how committed they are to talking about cool JavaScript code. For example, here’s a presentation that was given on jQuery. While they glance over the fundamentals of the library, they immediately roll back the cover and look at the most interesting code contained within it (crazy hacks, i18n regexps, etc.) – I was very impressed. I’m definitely looking forward to speaking with them some more.

Posted: October 31st, 2007

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