Some Good Recent RSS Feed Finds

With the number of RSS feeds that I read nearing 190, I’d like to point out a couple, recent, ‘acquisitions’ that I’ve enjoyed, in no particular order.

  • Cinematical – A weblog completely dedicated to independent films, film festivals, upcoming movies, and actor/actress news. It’s exciting.
  • Grahams’ Delicious Links – Grahams has only just started using his delicious account, and he’s already digging up really fun links. I get the feeling that we read a lot of the same sites, but that only means we have a lot of the same interests.
  • Holovaty – I hope this guy never stops cranking out his amazing scripts.
  • Populicious – I’ve been reading this one for a month or two now – it’s absolutely essential. You’ll never miss anything cool again.
  • The Map Room – The latest Maps/Mapping news. A fun read.

And some more personal ones:

  • – Set up custom search RSS feeds for local jobs, based on keywords. I’m on top of all the local Perl jobs the second they come out.
  • Recent Flickr Comments – All the recent activity on your Flickr photos.
  • Newsgator Related – In Newsgator you can set up custom searches (concerning a URL, for example). Now, everytime someone links to my site, I can check them out and comment right away.

Posted: April 27th, 2005

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