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I’ve successfully finished moving the web site from my user account at CSH over to (a domain which I’ve owned now for over half a decade). (Sorry to all those reading my RSS feed for the extra flush of entries)

It’s an exciting time for this web site. I’m now receiving 200-250 unique visitors per day and am constantly adding new and exciting content. This makes me happy because I think I’ve finally hit the sweet-spot when it comes to updating my site with information. I have about four more projects that I’m going to release here in the next couple days, so you can look forward to that. Additionally, I’m going to try digging up and putting online my old portfolio, TI-83 programs, my journal, and various seminars.

I’m hoping to add some new features to the site here soon, including comments and some more personalized index pages. Whenever I feel that my content application (TagCMS) is ready enough for the real-time, I’ll release it for people to play around with. If it’s helped me to keep an updated web site, then I’m sure it’s capable of helping anyone.

I was just approved for a Independent Study this next quarter, working on an application called Multichat – it’s a rather exciting adaptation of Webnote which adds the functionality of real-time discussion into the mix. In the meantime, however, I’m really looking forward to break and being able to get a lot of work done.

Posted: February 17th, 2005

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