Schedule Maker Redesign

The majority of my free time, lately, has been going into redesigning the RIT Schedule Maker, which I released two years ago, on the 29th. For the anniversary I’m planning on releasing a demo of the new application for people to play around with and get use to.

On a side note: I’m really enjoying designing web applications. Creating GUIs using HTML/Javascript is not too far away from Swing/Java (in my opinion), of course the difference in how it looks and operates is rather drastic.

The big change with this redesign is the fact that the entire application is in the form of a single page with changes being made by Javascript. Of course, this doesn’t fair too well in older browsers, but it’s a sacrafice that’s going to have to be made. (of course, the number of people who actually use non-modern browsers is rather minimal) I’ve been trying very hard to make this version user friendly, hiding a lot of features and keeping the interface as simple as possible. (Which is a challenge considering the premise of the application.)

I just finished purchasing the hosting from an interesting company called Web Site Source, the cost was so minimal that it really doesn’t matter if they’re bad or not, I can always just transfer away later. I’m really excited, more details are coming soon.

Posted: January 19th, 2005

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