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I just got back from talking with Dr. Engel concerning the Mathtutor site – it looks like its just about done – which is going to be nice. However, the news of the moment is this: I am now a paid researcher of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Working with Dr. Engel we’re going to be doing research in Neural Networks concerning something called “Neurogenesis.” For those of you who know what Neural Networks are, Neurogenesis is when you train a network with a given set of data, then remove some nodes, see how it adapts, then reconnect the old nodes (with random weights) and see how it fares. I’m very excited. I’m going to start work this weekend (once he sends me the code to work on).

The network that we’re training with has seven input nodes, and three output nodes. The input nodes take binary numbers and the output nodes output the number of ‘1’s inputted in binary. As it turns out, all of this is going to be going in a publication by the end of this next year – which means that I’ll be a published mathematician (!?). How’s that for cool?

Posted: June 12th, 2003

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