RedBull Competition

Tonight is the 4th RedBull Programming Competition and I’ve got a feeling that team Perl is going to do well. Looking at the other teams, the majority of them are freshman and, therefore, not a major concern.

I’m hoping for some good challanges this time around as this is my fourth time competing. The first time I was on a team with Tristan and Scott working to build a Multi-User Dungeon. The result was interesting, we had randomly generated dungeons and monsters with a simple AI. For the second competition my team was with Jordan, Chris, Pete, and Luke (the original team Perl). We built a file browser and won the competition. The third time I went alone and hacked out another simple dungeon.

I enjoy programming under pressure like this, it’s enjoyable and the results are always fun (although, I almost never touch them later, which is unfortunate). I hope to post some updates from the competition itself, and possibly some pictures. Go Team Perl!

Posted: January 21st, 2005

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