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New Open Web Podcast: Sizzling Open FX
Ben and Dion (now at Mozilla), Alex Russel (now at Google), and I talked about Chrome, Sizzle, JavaFX, and the Open Web.

In November I had the opportunity to speak at Mexico Web 2.0, talking about jQuery 1.3 and jQuery UI.

I gave another variation of this talk for the Irish .Net group: You can view a recording of the show in the webcasts section of their site.

In late September I gave a number of talks at the Ajax Experience – one of which was on Learning jQuery. A video of that talk is now online. This was a variation of the talk that I gave at Boston IxDA (Code, Slides, and Demos).

Ara Pehlivanian interviewed me for the online publication Sitepoint the other day.

Riccardo Degni interviewed me for the Italian web design site

Finally, I was interviewed by Maestros del Web while I was in Cancun speaking at Mexico Web 2.0.

For something a little fun: Chris Hoffman, over at Blue State Digital, built an excellent little JavaScript library for making punchcards in JavaScript using Canvas.

JavaScript really does run everywhere!

Posted: December 8th, 2008

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