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Open Web Podcast #2

The second edition of the Open Web Podcast is now live. In this episode we brought on Brendan Eich and Arun Ranganathan (both of Mozilla) to discuss the recent changes that occurred in the ECMAScript 3.1/ECMAScript 4 processes that resulted in ECMAScript Harmony. This is a dense podcast – going just over an hour.

The podcast is available as an mp3, ogg, an RSS feed, and on iTunes.

Next week we’re hoping to bring on some people from the Microsoft JScript team to discuss the recent changes and how they plan on implementing them in Internet Explorer. The topic isn’t clear for the week after that, but we’ll probably want to get back to discussing HTML 5 of the new Open Web Foundation.

Also, we now have a dedicated site for the podcast: openwebpodcast.com.

SXSW 2009

I’ve submitted two talks to South by Southwest 2009 – naturally both on JavaScript. If these talks interest you please feel free to vote on them appropriately. Last year there were a lot of complaints concerning the lack of technical talks – I hope to rectify that this year.

More Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

In a reprise from last year’s popular panel – the JavaScript libraries authors are getting together again to impart their what they’ve learned from their experience in developing solid, world-class, JavaScript libraries. Covering everything from advanced aspects of the JavaScript language, to handling cross-browser issues, all the way up to packaging and distribution. A complete set of knowledge for a JavaScript developer.

I plan on having representatives from Dojo, Yahoo UI, and Prototype on the panel (will probably switch up the speakers from last year, just to keep things interesting).

Practical JavaScript Development

Modern JavaScript development can be quite harrowing. With a multitude of browsers to support and a bevy of design and performance considerations – only the best solutions will suffice. In this talk JavaScript developers will be given the best advice for improving the quality of your JavaScript code, writing reusable JavaScript code-bases, and tackling difficult cross-browser situations; providing you with an expert level of knowledge, immediately.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja Articles

Work continues on my upcoming book (about halfway done at this point – working on Chapter 10). But in the meantime some article extracts have been released on Ajaxian:

Enjoy! Note that these are only extracts of the larger chapters: Closures and Function Prototypes.

Posted: August 15th, 2008

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