A Whole New Web Development

It’s been quite some time since this web site was updated, so I’m taking it upon myself to bring it up to date. I have a significant amount of content that needs to go up, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

I’ve been rather busy this quarter working at BrandLogic doing web development and programming (XSLT,DOM,XHTML,etc.) I find it to be very enjoyable and am learning a lot (which I hope to be able to turn around and use elsewhere). Learning XSLT has been absolutely amazing, it’s such a powerful templating language I’m surprised that I didn’t use it sooner.

I’ve also begun using Mozilla Firefox exclusively. It supports in-browser XSLT rendering and XMLHTTPRequest – which are both essential (in my opinion) web technologies – neither of which Opera currently supports. (For what it’s worth, Opera 7.6 supports XMLHTTPRequest, but it may be too little too late.) Since the popularity of Firefox has been increasing amongst developers, it feels as if the web is a whole new place – very exciting and easy to work with. I remember fiddling around with Javascript years ago and having to learn all about cross-browser capabilites, it’s virtually a moot point now. You just crack open a solid version of the DOM and you’re well on your way. This alone makes Javascript development very sane. I hope to have some more neat little web apps here soon for everyone to play with – more info on that later. That’s all for now.

Posted: October 6th, 2004

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