New Printer + Juniper Bay, LLC

I found out, two days ago, that Junpier Bay, LLC was successfully registered in the state of New York – which is a very good thing. Now, the certificate is being forwarded to me, at which point I will be able to file my Articles of Corporation – making Juniper Bay a real, live LLC. To ‘celebrate’ I purchased a nice, new printer which I will use to print all my letter-head, envelopes, important documents, etc. I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I’ve comissioned Huntz to design a logo for my corporation. We’ve gone through two design phases together, and its really starting to look good. (Hopefully I’ll be able to get the logo up sometime here soon, once I’ve decided on one that I like.) That’s all for now – in the way of business. I’ve got a lot left to do on my Data Comm project, so it’s back to work with me!

Posted: June 30th, 2003

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