New Processing.js and Sizzle.js Sites

Thanks to some generous contributions, there now exist well-designed web sites for two projects of mine: Processing.js and Sizzle.js.

New Processing.js Site
Design and logo by Alistair MacDonald (on Twitter)

Processing.js was released almost a year ago (May 8th of last year) and it finally has an official web site. At this point the project is being primarily maintained by Alistair MacDonald (on Twitter) with active discussions taking place on the Processing.js Google Group.

On the new site you can see an an exhibition of cool Processing.js code, a full API reference, and a number of demos from the site.

I especially like the fact that the header of the site is a live Processing.js demo. Thanks Alistair for the great site!

New Sizzle.js Site
Design by Grégoire Dierendonck and Pierre Bertet, logo by Micheil Smith.

Sizzle had a crude site when it was released back in January of this year but it has now been overhauled and given a proper logo thanks to Grégoire Dierendonck, Pierre Bertet, and Micheil Smith.

All of the Sizzle API documentation is located over on Github. Be sure to check out the Sizzle.js Google Group where active discussions are taking place.

Posted: April 25th, 2009

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