My Work Area

Recently I put a lot of work into my office (as I frequently mentioned in my Twitter account) – revamping it, adding new furniture, hanging up art, and generally moving things around. I’ve received some questions about my set up so I’ve taken some pictures and detailed them here.

View of Work Area (Overlooking Street)

This is my primary work area in the apartment. I work off of a previous-generation Macbook Pro (Core 2 Duo, no Wireless N support) on a 24″ LCD. I use the nice new Apple Keyboard – and swear by it. I like to position my desk to overlook the street (the bay window provides that nicely). I primarily drink water during the day and keep a gallon jug by the desk.

Whiteboard and Shelf
Book Shelf and Whiteboard

To the right of my desk is my whiteboard (primarily used as a rough to-do list). Note the stack of Pro JavaScript Techniques books on the shelf.

Second Shelf
View of the Desk and Second Shelf

The primary location of my technical books. The print is by Shepard Fairey.

Love-seat and Side Window
Looking Towards Union Square

Couch, Shelves, Table
View of Seating Area

The primary seating area of the office. It’s very important, for me, to have comfortable places to sit. Throughout the day I frequently change positions in the office (moving from desk to couches and vice versa). The shelf also serves as a location for my printer (an ever-reliable Brother Dual-sided laser printer), wireless base station (D-Link 802.11 B/G/N), Wii, and projector (BenQ 720p HD). The large painting was created by my brother Steven, as his Chirstmas present to me. The owl print on the wall is from The door is just a storage closet.

Projector Screen
Projector Screen

Where the projector shines to. The result is surprisingly bright – very effective even during the day with all the sun coming in to the room. About 90″ diagonal.

Posted: April 30th, 2008

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