More Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the annual SXSW conference, down in Austin, TX. I participated in a panel discussion called ‘More Secrets of JavaScript Libraries’ (a follow-up panel to last year’s talk). The synopsis was as follows:

In a reprise from last year’s popular panel – the JavaScript libraries authors are getting together again to impart their what they’ve learned from their experience in developing solid, world-class, JavaScript libraries. Covering everything from advanced aspects of the JavaScript language, to handling cross-browser issues, all the way up to packaging and distribution. A complete set of knowledge for a JavaScript developer.

The talks went really well – we each gave a quick 10 minute presentation on a topic that interested us and finished up with some Q&A. The individual talks were as follows:

  • Getting Loaded (All about network performance and file loading) – by Nate Koechley of YUI.
  • Meta-Language Frameworks (Talking about the abstractions provided by frameworks) – by Andrew Dupont of Prototype.
  • Real World Accessibility (A quick examination of the upcoming ARIA specification) – by Becky Gibson of IBM and Dojo.
  • Performance and Testing (Looking at various performance analysis and testing techniques) – by John Resig of jQuery.

The full presentation and audio can be found online.

More information about my talk can be found in my follow-up post: JavaScript Testing Does Not Scale.

Posted: March 20th, 2009

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