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Last fall I had the opportunity to acquire a great domain – one that was already quite popular within the Ajax realm: It made a splash when it was released in early 2007 – and while it, literally, hasn’t been updated since it first came out, it continues to draw a large audience.

It embodies a simple concept: Show nice screenshots and simple descriptions of eye-catching JavaScript/Ajax libraries.

That simple premise has drawn some phenomenal numbers:

Any sort of update to the site would be sure to dramatically increase the, already substantial, traffic. There is nothing “powering” the site at the moment – it’s just a static HTML landing page, some images, and a static RSS file.

Unfortunately, after owning the domain for just over a year and doing absolutely nothing with it, I’ve decided to pass it on. I’ve already received a couple offers by email but I’m open to more. My email address is: [email protected].

Posted: November 18th, 2008

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