Low-cost .com Domains with Whois Privacy

In an effort to be more privacy conscious I’ve been looking to transition to having Domain Privacy enabled on all the domains that I own. As it turns out many domain registrars, including my current one, charge an additional fee for this service. In an effort to save some money I did a price comparison at some of the most popular domain registrars and came up with the following list (as of November 22, 2014).

I can’t vouch for the quality of the particular services, only that this is their stated price for renewing a .com domain through their service. I opted to only focus on the cost of renewing the domain as often-times registrars will have a much-lower cost during the first year of registration and then later increase the price (as with any privacy services). Hope this can be useful to others who are researching the price of private domain registration!

Update: After compiling this list I found this master list on Registrarowl.com, which includes many more registrars (along with privacy price information).

Posted: November 22nd, 2014

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