LLC and Khronos

I’ve been looking into forming a Limited Liability Corporation, as of late, to handle the affairs of my upcoming calendar program, and any additional for-profit software that I write. I’ll probably push it under the name of my old freelance web design business: Juniper Bay (seeing as how that’s a good, professional, name and no one has taken it yet.)

I’ve been working, furiously, on getting Khronos ready for release tomorrow. I’m bumping the version number for it up to v0.2 (and considering what I had written before to be Alpha v0.1). I’ve gotten so much done on this program, I’m really looking forward to it’s first public (code) release. I’m probably going to announce the public, usable, version of it tomorrow so that people can sign-up and begin using it as their personal calendar and organizer. More details soon.

On a side note: While browsing around the Computer Science House member directory, looking at all the freshman entries, I was greatly dissapointed by the lack of physical, project, output that was turned out this year. The second largest Major Project was that of Chris Arminio – and that was lumped under acquiring new parts for the project ‘Heroine’ (which is yet to be completed). I hope that next year’s group will be quite active, technical-wise, I’d be happy to see some good projects taking place in the house, once again.

Posted: May 31st, 2003

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