JSConf Talk: Games, Performance, TestSwarm

The video from my talk at JSConf has been posted. Thanks to Chris for organizing the conference and the excellent quality of the video.

The description from the JSConf site summarizes the talk well:

John Resig presents his mystery topic, which is actually three topics that strike his interest. First up is measuring performance and a quick introduction to benchmarking (and its positives and negatives). This is followed by JavaScript Games which he unveils some super cool hidden functionality (cheat codes++) on the jQuery web site. This is followed up by the introduction of John’s distributed continuous test framework platform, Test Swarm. It is jam packed with Nirvana and goodness so be sure to watch both parts.

Part 1: Measuring JavaScript Performance, JavaScript Games

Part 2: Distributed JavaScript Testing, Q&A

Additionally, the slides from the talk are up on Slideshare.

Posted: June 30th, 2009

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