These past couple days have been a blast. jQuery Conference this past Sunday followed by 3 days of The Ajax Experience here in Boston.

I ended up giving 9 talks and was on 2 panels in 3 days – completely exhausting. We were able to get video of a bunch of the jQuery Conference so we should be posting it soon. It was great getting to see the whole jQuery team again. We talked a lot, did a lot of planning, and are ready to tackle the work in front of us.

Here are the presentations that I gave, if you’re interested:

I alluded to some big news on Twitter a couple weeks ago and was able to announce it at the jQuery Conference: Microsoft and Nokia are both adopting jQuery as part of their official development platforms.

It’s been a crazy couple days tracking all the feedback from the announcement (as the links below will surely attest to) but one thing is clear: People are really excited.

I was amused by the handful of posts from commenters, who obviously had never used jQuery, that were worried about Microsoft “embracing and extending” jQuery. Honestly, there is nothing that I would like better for that to happen. Considering that jQuery has a fantastic plugin architecture in place we fully expect Microsoft and Nokia to join the legion of other happy jQuery users who’ve constructed powerful jQuery plugins to suit their specific needs.

Considering that it’s possible to extend jQuery core, events, animations, and selectors all with explicitly-defined and documented APIs it seems pretty safe to assume that we’ll continue to make jQuery as extensible as possible – keeping our core tight, optimized, and designed with the developer in mind.

Here’s to jQuery in 2009!



Posted: October 2nd, 2008

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