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Hi there, you may not know me, but my name is Nate, and I am a designer/programmer.

 I’ve been helping a bit with looking for bugs, and with site design stuff, and though I’m not on the team list, I started helping a bit after the list was written.

 Anyways, to help get the word about jQuery out there in the world, I’ve gone ahead and created some minimalistic wallpapers to adorn your desktop.

 You can download the files here:

jQuery MNML v1. (resoltions in zip: 640×480 through 1600×1200)
jQuery MNML v2. (resoltions in zip: 640×480 through 1600×1200)
jQuery MNML v3. (resoltions in zip: 640×480 through 1600×1200)

jQuery MNML v1
jQuery MNML v1.

jQuery MNML v2
jQuery MNML v2.

jQuery MNML v3
jQuery MNML v3.


Posted: January 13th, 2007

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