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JavaScript Jobs

After an outpouring of interest, in last week’s post about JavaScript Jobs, I’ve gone about and set up a free site dedicated to JavaScript Jobs, which can be found here:

It’s pretty basic, for now. I used the Open Source jobberBase software (which uses jQuery!) so it was pretty easy. All jobs go through a simple moderation process, so I hope that the signal-to-noise will be decent.

The important thing, however, is that it’s completely free to both post and apply for jobs. I want to see more consulting/freelance/”quick hack” gigs – and those are the ones that can’t afford a large fee (why pay $100 when the job will only cost $200?). At this point I’d much rather have a community build up around this than to profit off of it – so enjoy!

Here’s an RSS feed that you can subscribe to, of all the jobs, as well:

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja Book

You may notice the URL used for this job board – being located on This is where my upcoming book will, eventually, be released. I’m placing this job board there because I want to start building a community of JavaScript hackers. One part of that is jobs and work (an other is community – such as a forum – and the rest is education – which I hope to seed with my book).

For now the Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja Book site is pretty much just a splash page – with an awesome ninja (drawn by my brother Steve – he’s available for illustration work, contact me if interested). Expect lots more to come.

Posted: April 20th, 2008

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