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While I’m not, currently, looking for any extra work (a full-time job and writing a book will slow you down a bit) I’m frequently forwarded job openings that I would like to pass on to others.

Generally speaking, these jobs fall into a couple areas: 1) Are JavaScript-related (either jQuery or general Ajax). 2) Are within the New York/New England area or are remote contract jobs. If you have a job posting that you’d like me to relay, feel free to contact me and I’ll try to push it on.

jQuery Contract Position

Dave Merwin (dmerwin at says that he needs some help with “a small but cool project that I want to do in jQuery.” Contact him if you’re interested.

Boston Interface Design – JavaScript, jQuery, Python

Mark Soper (mark at says:

Alluvial Labs is building Alluvio, a web application for collaborative investment research. The main need is for someone who knows how to make a professional and usable interface aesthetic. We also have lots of opportunity for the work to evolve into development: javascript/jquery, python, etc.

jQuery Plugin Development

Ryan Graf (ryanjgraf at says that:

I’m looking for an experienced developer with jQuery that can help with some work on a plugin (edit-in-place stuff). We’ve been working on an existing plugin provided by another contributor and have basically re-written the entire plugin to add a lot of extra functionality. We’re now facing some interesting cross browser issues with IE6/Safari that have been difficult to debug.

JavaScript/Ajax Writer

Scott Delap (scott at says: (which I’m the lead RIA/JavaScript editor of) is looking for a couple news writers to cover JavaScript and Ajax (for things like say … JQuery). We’d want them to cover JavaScript and Ajax in general of course in a not too biased manner. Time commitment starts at around 1 post (30/45 minutes a week) and is paying at a competitive rate per post. Here are a few examples of the types of coverage we shoot for: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

NYC – Senior JavaScript Engineer

Brian Vinay (brian.vinay at is looking to fill a position with He provides more details:

Heavy’s engineers develop the next-generation technologies for discovering, delivering, and monetizing premium video for millions of consumers. We’re looking for outstanding front-end engineers who want to define the next generation of user interfaces for internet-based video and advertising.

We are hiring senior JavaScript / HTML / CSS software engineers to write cross-browser code for these web applications, for both internal and external use. We are looking for well-rounded developers who know how to create beautiful, lightning-fast interfaces that work at Internet scale… but who can also develop prototypes quickly. You should have a good understanding of, and practical experience with, creative web design using open standards.

* BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent.
* Strong JavaScript skills and object oriented design experience, including working knowledge of jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous
* Good artistic taste. You will be relentless about elegant CSS layout, tight JavaScript code, all with strict and clean HTML
* Significant experience implementing user interfaces for consumer web services
* Experience with PHP, MySQL and ActionScript is a plus
* Knowledge of user interface design, XML web services and agile development methodologies desired.
* Ideally, you truly love what you do and have a web site to showcase your favorite work.

Ajax Freelance

Brandon Mullins (brandon at is looking for someone to help finish the Ajax of Book Mesh:

All of our AJAX images are designed, and the site is 95% completed. However, we are in need of locating a very talented and responsible AJAX pro to work as a direct consultant and freelancer to the BookMesh team, to begin with immediately fixing the kinks in our AJAX functionality (doesn’t work in IE at all, needs to be centered and tidied-up in Firefox & Safari). This same person will be able to stay on board as a freelancer after this small initial task for any and all client-side scripts that we will need, including various Javascript-based feature implementations.

These initial AJAX needs will not take much time at all (~ 7-10 hours), and there may be lots more work in the coming future for the selected freelancer.

Boston – Web Designer

Aaron White (wyrmwood at is looking for a web designer and includes a full description of the position.

NYC – jQuery Developer

Matthew Greenhouse (mgreenhouse at is looking for “any developers that are familiar with jquery and looking for work, ideally in NYC.”

Portsmouth, NH – Web Designer

Jeff Leombruno (leombruno at is looking for:

…a high end developer/scripter type person. If you know anyone who might fit that role and would be interested in working in Portsmouth, NH, please feel free to pass along my email address. We’re looking for someone with experience who can jump right into developing complex UI’s using xhtml/css/js or flash/actionscript/flex type technologies. We do use jQuery here, of course, as well as YUI for some of our more complex interfaces.

Los Angeles – Senior UI Developer

Danny Archambault (darchambault at is looking to fill a senior UI developer position:

Skills: Ajax CSS Photoshop JSP HTML sony Job description: UI Developer / Specialist: A minimum of 5 years of experience working in a team on a complex-phased new technology medium sized web projects. Responsible for developing the user interface for a complex web application with a lot of data entry screens, workflows, views and reports.

Deliverables will include:
* Low-tech mockups using Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel or Visio
* HTML Prototypes with functioning Javascript and data interactions
* Flex application development to support the back-end development

Seattle – User Experience Developer

David Golightly (davidgo at points to a a job posting at Zillow:

We have an opening in Seattle at for a User Experience Developer, eg. JavaScript + HTML template ownership, that we’ve been looking to fill for over 6 months with no luck. We’ve interviewed dozens of candidates, but we can’t seem to find people in Seattle who have a JavaScript focus. Considering your large fan base, it would be great if you could put a word in for us, as this would be a golden opportunity for the right kind of person – that is, someone who can play a browser like a violin. While we use YUI here, I have great admiration for the principles of jQuery and would love it if we could find someone with a jQuery background. We’ve got some large, fun, JavaScript-intensive projects coming up over the next year+, now if only we could find a JS fanatic to build them!

NYC – Senior-level Web Developer

Mauvis Ledford (mauvis wrote to mention a job at KickApps:

KickApps the premiere white-label social networking company is looking for a Senior-level Web Developer with a core interest in JavaScript / CSS / HTML. We use jQuery here. Must be able to work or relocate to our Manhattan office. Great pay, generous benefits. See our website for more information.

Let me know if this post is, at all, useful to those reading it. If it’s not the case then I probably won’t attempt it again, but it is nice to pass these on, at least (especially to those looking or some extra JavaScript or jQuery work).

Posted: January 26th, 2008

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