JavaScript and Browsers at SXSW

It’s that time of year again – the annual South by Southwest conference is nearly upon us! This year I submitted two panel topics and had one accepted: Secrets of JavaScript Libraries.

Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

This is going to be a stand-out panel, I can feel it in my bones:

This talk will delve into the secret techniques used by JavaScript library authors to create comprehensive libraries that work seamlessly across browser environments. We’ll look at everything from fixes for strange browser quirks, tricks for gaining speed, to tips for writing smooth animations. This panel will be held by experienced JavaScript Library developers who have, cumulatively, many decades of JavaScript development experience under their belts. Everything discussed will be backed up with publicly available, rock-solid, code.

And check out who will be joining me on the panel:

  • Sam Stephenson (Creator of Prototype)
  • Alex Russell (Co-Creator of Dojo)
  • Thomas Fuchs (Creator of Scriptaculous)
  • Andrew Dupont (Contributor to Prototype)

This is going to be an advanced panel, tons of code, deep-and-dirty into the code and why we do what we do. So be sure to check us out – we’re going to be competing against the keynote talk on the final day: Room 9 – Tuesday, March 11th 2 to 3:00pm.

Browser Wars: Deja Vu All Over Again?

One of the top panels from last year, back again. Three of the major browser vendors will be up and discussing various aspects of browser development, standards, and all sorts of interesting topics. Be sure to stop by to get your dose browser craziness in: Room 10 Monday, March 10th, 2 to 3:00pm.

On the panel:

  • Chris Wilson (Platform Architect, Microsoft)
  • Brendan Eich (CTO, Mozilla)
  • Charles McCathieNevile (Chief of Standards, Opera)

Birds of a Mozilla Feather

There’s also going to be a Birds of a Feather, held by Mozilla, on Monday, March 10th from 3:30 to 5:30pm (soon after the Browser Wars panel) at the Moonshine Bar and Grill. This is going to be a ton of fun, it’ll be a good time for chatting and talking about the future of Firefox and the web. You can expect to see the following people there:

  • Brendan Eich (Creator of JavaScript)
  • Christopher Beard (Head of Mozilla Labs)
  • Aza Raskin (Mozilla Labs)

If you wanna catch up with me, be sure to do it before Tuesday as my flight is right after the panel. I’ll be spending plenty of time checking out the various parties, panels, etc. so you’re bound to see me around.

If you’re not already doing so you should follow me on Twitter as that’ll probably be the best source of determining where I am (and for pinging me if you want to meet up).

I’m so looking forward to being in Austin. Boston is expecting 3-5in of snow tonight. Sunny, warm, Texas can’t come soon enough.

Posted: February 22nd, 2008

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