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This past summer I swung by Y Combinator a couple times to scope out the new startups. (Fun fact! I was in Y Combinator during the Summer of 2006.) Out of all the startups there one really caught my eye: AppJet.

They were setting out to build a quick-and-easy way to construct web applications using, their language of choice, JavaScript. They were doing all of this using Rhino, giving each application its own instance to play with. I met up with them to discuss things, how apps were going to be built, what standard libraries to provide; they were on a good track, and by the look of today’s launch, they were quite successful.

Just to list some really-cool things that they’ve done:

Just to give you a taste, here’s the full source code to a “shoutbox” application. (Remember, this is server-side/client-side mixed!)


var historySize = 20;

if (! storage.msgs) {
    storage.msgs = new StorableObject();
    storage.start = 0; // first msg
    storage.end = 0; // index after last msg

if (request.isPost) {
    var newText = request.params.newText;
    storage.msgs[storage.end++] = request.params.newText;
    while (storage.end - storage.start > historySize) {
        delete storage.msgs[storage.start++];
} else {
    print(FORM({id:"shoutform",action:"/", method:"post"},
          INPUT({type:"text", name:"newText", size:40}),
          INPUT({type:"submit", value:"shout!"})));
    var messageDiv = DIV({id:"msgs"});
    for(var i=storage.end-1; i >= storage.start; i--) {

I’m very impressed: Congrats David, Aaron, and J.D.!

Posted: December 13th, 2007

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