Idea Sling Review

I came across a blog this evening, disturbingly named Idea Sling. (Disturbingly due to the similarity in name to my current project: ideaShrub) I was very concerned that this web site was, somehow, going to be in direct competition with my work, however that does not seem to be the case.

In a nutshell: The premise is that if you have a good idea, but neither have the time nor means to implement it, you should free it up to the public. To quote their mission statement:

Creative People and Go-Getters are celebrated on this site. Those personas often don’t exist in the same person.

Instead of letting your idea fester and nag you until the day you die, let it free, into the wild. Who knows it may take wings under the guidance of some industrious soul.

What this site reminds me of, more then anything, is a really slooow version of Half Bakery. Honestly, I see no advantages to using this particular service over the other long-established web site. I wonder if they even realize that Half Bakery exists? Granted, sometimes the ideas on Half Bakery are a little bit out there, it is still an excellent forum for project proposals (similar to the ones on Idea Sling).

On a closing note, ideaShrub is going to, incidentally, provide the core service of both Idea Sling and Half Bakery, and much more, giving users the ability to publish, broadcast, share, and collaborate their ideas in a much more open (or private) forum. I’m tempted to auto-create some new shrubs (using the handy API) filled with data from both of these web sites, so that people can easily browse them in a ‘familiar’ interface.

Posted: July 2nd, 2005

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