Hacking Digg With Firebug and jQuery

This is an adaptation of a presentation that I gave while at Mashup Camp Boston. We’re going to take an introductory look at the Firebug Firefox Extension and the jQuery JavaScript Library – combining the two to build a reusable bookmarklet that can manipulate Digg Posts and Comments.

Click video to begin (14:39 Minutes long, 59MB):

Download: Right-click this link and select Save As… in order to download a copy of your own. (59MB)

In the presentation, I refer to a bookmarklet that you can use to introduce jQuery into a web page. Drag these bookmarklets to your Bookmark toolbar to use them.

  1. » jQuerify « – Introduce jQuery into any web page.
  2. » Fix Digg « – The final bookmarklet that we made to remove all buried comments from a Digg post.

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Update: If you wish to use Greasemonkey instead of a bookmarklet, then by all means, please do so. You can use the ability to quickly analyze and inspect a page that Firebug and jQuery affords you, using the results to build a Greasemonkey script, instead of a simple bookmarklet. I only really intended this to be a quick introduction to the subject, so please feel free to explore it more!

More Tips: Here are some more jQuery selectors that you can use on a Digg Post:

  • $("li.c-bury > div").remove(); – Remove all buried comments, but none of the direct replies.
  • $("div.c-body").show(); – Show all comments, even ones that’ve been buried.

Posted: January 26th, 2007

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