Serious Greasemonkey Security Problems

If you haven’t been keeping up on the recent security concerns with Greasemonkey – now’s a good time to jump in. I had no idea that the problems where ‘that bad’ until today. I assumed that it was only possible to do something malicious within a user script, not outside of it (due to bad scoping issues). At least, until, this post caught my eye.

Uninstall Greasemonkey altogether. At this point, I don’t trust having it on my computer at all. I would think that whoever is in charge of should immediately remove the Greasemonkey XPI and post a large warning in its place advising people to uninstall it. —Mark

Backtracking through the entire security thread brings up quite a few serious problems. Currently, it’s possible to do the following things:

Do not fear! – Headway is already being made. The main concern is that it’s possible to access all of the above data outside of a user script’s scope. Once this is resolved (and the afformentioned hack may just do that) then Greasemonkey will be back on the fast-track.

Posted: July 18th, 2005

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