FOAF Support in Safari RSS

FOAF Support in Safari RSS

FOAF Support in Safari RSS,
originally uploaded by John Resig.

When using the new Safari RSS last night, I was surpised to see that it detected the embedded FOAF data within the feed (My LJ Feed). I think this is the first instance of a corporation releasing a product that utitlizes FOAF (as far as I know). I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, as of yet, so here it is.

Update: Ok, so I’ve done some more research into it and it’s much more ‘interesting’ then I previously suspected. I thought that there was a link (of some sort) pointing to the FOAF file within the RSS/ATOM feed itself. There isn’t The only external link (besides what is present in each of the items) is the one to that of the channel – it is on that page that a link to my FOAF file exists. So, it appears that Safari is:

1) Requesting the RSS feed.
2) Requesting the channel link.
3) Requesting the FOAF file from the channel link.
4) Placing the friends data parsed from the foaf file into the sidebar of the viewer.

And now that I look at it, it does take a few seconds extra for the FOAF data to load completely, and this is probably why.

And once you expand the list of usernames, there is no way to collapse them again, kind of odd.

On another note, poking through the HTML of this RSS page: Safari supports both the ‘search’ and ‘range’ input types! So you can now add in a slider to your (Safari-only) page, if you so desired. This is good to know.

Posted: April 28th, 2005

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