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I forgot to mention that I updated my resume again, the other day. Got rid of some old stuff, added some of my research projects – fun stuff like that.

I talked with Werkt yesterday about the Flava project (I had promised to help out with it a while back) – and I’m going to have some interesting data collection/tracking utilities designed for this project, so we’ll see how that goes. Thus far I’ve been helping Werkt design the project (It is mostly hit pet and brainchild) and figuring out how it will be implemented in the end. What I’m doing now goes into a couple places:

  • Working on the database, keeping all the data properly stored.
  • Working on the script that puts the XMLTV data into they mySQL database.
  • Tracking the data, looking for ways to improve it, and figuring out when certain actions should be taken. (When shows should be deleted, which shows should be downloaded, etc.)

Anyway, I really hope this project takes off, it’ll be kind of fun to see where it leads.

Posted: July 20th, 2003

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